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Roll of Flexible PipeWelcome to our web site introducing our newest product: ValuFlexTM.

Please check out our new best-seller ValuFlexTM, our newest product to the market.

The characteristics that make rigid Insul-Seal a superior insulator for hot water lines has finally been translated into a flexible version retaining the positive benefits of the original product.


Flexsul-SealTM is an elastomeric thermal insulation used to retard heat loss in hot water plumbing and dual hot waterline systems. The Flexsul-Seal system is designed to trap dead air, within an expanded closed cell structure, thus increasing its total R-Value and reducing Heat loss in cold underground burial. Thermal performance is achieved by sealing the 2 5/8" centered air space, in effect reducing the flow of air and increasing the total R-Value of 6 by an additional factor of 5-9.

Flexible Water PipePex tubing carrying hot water needs room to expand and contract. Without needed space to expand, Pex tubing can pull and add unneeded stress at its connections. With the Flexsul-Seal system Pex waterlines have sufficient room to expand and contract with no stress added to connection ends.

For your Outdoor furnace installation it only makes sense to use a quality product. Outdoor wood Boilers can only operate at peak performance when used with a quality insulated piping system. A poor quality insulated system will require substantially more wood and also reduce the amount of heat delivered to heat your home. Flexsul-SealTM carries along the tradition of high quality and high standards already established by its manufacturer, Insul-Seal Insulated PVC. Now you have another choice!

Flexible Water Pipe- Flexsulseal shipment to distributor
Flexsulseal ready for shipment to distributor.

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